Friday, October 19, 2007

Blogger censorship?

It seems that Blogger will not allow users to register the subdomain "". I tried to register this site, but was rejected, despite the fact that no-one else seems to be using it.

It is understandable that Blogger (Google) would want to distance itself from anyone who would advocate killing a king or other head of state (I don't advocate this form of killing)....but it's odd that they didn't prohibit the use of the subdomain "", since this is arguably more applicable to the USA (Google's home country) than the idea of regicide.


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Anonymous said...

Subdomains are not registered with the Domain Name Registrars, they are handled by the authoritative DNS Name Servers listed for the top level domain. That is by design.

If I want to create new host names for a domain I(or my company) owns or manages, I just put a host record in the DNS Zome record for the domain in my primary DNS Server and it's up.