Sunday, March 25, 2018

How will we stop an preventive attack on Korea or Iran?

I'm having flashbacks to 2002. The government is marching towards war, and the American people have not grasped that fact. I was slow to grasp what was going on, but my eyes were opened by this article at the Intercept:

John Bolton Chairs an Actual “Fake News” Publisher Infamous for Spreading Anti-Muslim Hate

 This made me realize that Bolton is not just a hawk -- not just a guy with different opinions about how to solve a problem -- he's a genocidal liar. Based on the material published by the Gatestone Institute, he will whip up fear using brazenly fallacious arguments. For people in his position, credible arguments are not needed, because repetition and political power will be enough to persuade a large number of people to support his agenda.

We have to assume that the Trump administration is preparing to attack North Korea and/or Iran, and we need to put every possible roadblock in their path. People from diverse political and moral schools of thought recognize that what they intend to do is illegal, immoral, and pretty much insane.

Now we need to raise the alarm, and organize a response.

I've found the following groups to be speaking out against preventive wars:
1. Buchanan conservatives (The American Conservative)
2. Catholics academics (Unclear about the conference of bishops, but they likely would come out against invasions)
3. Libertarians (Ron Paul, Rand Paul?)
4. Your standard anti-war, anti-state leftists.

We Will Breathe the Ashes of the Dead for the Rest of Our Lives