Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mutualist blog: Who Moved My Cheese, Revisited

I don't have time to write anything about this, but Kevin Carson wrote a good post about the constant propaganda campaigns of the powers-that-be to convince the powerless that their condition "natural" and inevitable.

Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capitalism: Who Moved My Cheese, Revisited something that "just happens"; it's presented in much the same way Tom Friedman presents "globalization": not as the product of human action, but as an inevitable and impersonal force of nature. We're expected to accept as it comes, and deal with it within whatever framework is established by (those who control our social institutions). The idea that some authority figures are in a position to dole out cheese, and that we must jump through whatever hoops they require in order to get it, goes without saying.

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Kevin Carson said...

Thanks for the link, Adam!